Grain-Free Pork Pudding

Grain-Free Pork Pudding

1 tin of pork pudding weighing around 1 lb

Pork pudding has similar ingredients to scrapple except scrapple has cornmeal and flour added to the mixture. This pork pudding is grain-free!

Because scrapple is made with corn and flour, this binds the ingredients together so it can be fried and, if handled correctly, stay together as one piece. Pudding, on the other hand, does not have cornmeal and flour added. As a result of these missing ingredients, it has a stronger liver flavor and will not stay together as it is cooked. 

People who enjoy pudding will often eat it with eggs or toast. 

So which is better? Most people prefer scrapple. But we also have our pudding die-hards! Pudding is an item that is harder and harder to find.

Ingredients: Pork Jowls, Pork Liver, Pork Cheek Meat, Pork Skins, Pork Hearts, Pork Snouts, Salt, Pepper. 

All pork comes from our pasture-raised pigs who graze, sunbathe, root through the dirt, and wallow in their self-made mud holes. Their diet consists of milk, fruit, and what they find on pasture/woods. We use no corn, soy, antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides, or hormones.