Russian Borodinsky Bread

Russian Borodinsky Bread

Borodinsky dark rye bread is a traditional Russian bread made with dark rye flour, molasses, fresh coriander seeds and caraway.  Borodinsky bread is flavored with coriander and caraway as well as dark molasses. This gives the bread a rich warm flavor and a crumb that is soft and slightly wet.

Made by: Ancient Sourdough Bakery

Sourdough bread is believed to be one of the healthiest bread since its discovery. It has countless benefits. Sourdough bread is higher in minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins. Sourdough has less sugar content that will make the bread more flavorful. The long fermentation process provides good health benefits, thus, providing healthy nutrition to everyone. The bottom line Sourdough is a healthier alternative to regular white or whole wheat bread. Although it has comparable nutrients, the lower phytate levels mean it is more digestible and nutritious. The prebiotics also helps to keep your gut bacteria happy, and it may be less likely to spike blood sugar levels. 

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Ingredients: Organic dark rye flour, non-GMO unbleached flour, organic rye sourdough starter, spring water, organic diastatic dry malt powder, organic molasses, organic coconut sugar, organic coriander powder and seeds, organic caraway seeds, sea salt. Allergens: Wheat.