About Purifying Pastures

The core of our farm is a certified organic, 100% grass-fed dairy. We bottle raw pet milk and raise pastured broilers, grass fed beef, grain free pork, and pastured chickens for eggs. We work with other regenerative neighbors with organic principles and ethics to provide a wide range of products.

Principles we live by

We have shaped the way we grow food by the way we eat in our family. Like you we came to the conclusion that food is not just food and that there is a way to feel truly confident in the food we eat. It all about the ethics in how the food was raised and not the spice or flavor that often times is a mask to cheap food. It all starts with the Soil!

Soil is not dirt, soil is alive, the exchanging of nutrients , bugs, fungi and bacteria's all working in symbiosis to build the density and long-term vitality the soil biome. The world beneath our feet must function properly to create nutrient dense foods for us living on the surface! For hundreds of years soil has been turned to dirt in most agriculture communities as modern ag kills and destroys these soil communities with chemicals, GMOs and constant tillage. These practices have killed off the soil communities that work so hard to exchange nutrients and feed our plants our food and keep us healthy. Deficient soils have led to foods that are not nutrient dense, and keep most farmers dependent on chemicals and commercial fertilizer to even get a crop to grow.

Regenerative, a term that is becoming more common, because its truly the way we need to look at our soil. To Regenerate or heal the land is vital to break the chain and grow foods that will sustain us and soil life. Healing requires us to do more than stop the bad(chemicals sprays and fertilizers) as with common Organic Farms. Organic helped steer us in the right direction, but lacks true stewardship to heal and regenerate the land. Purifying Pastures strives to regenerate our land, to heal, to purify soil , animal and human life!

We grow grass here, grass that has been grown with out chemicals without fertilizers. Grass that is grown tall to let roots and life beneath the soil do their job in exchanging nutrients to make the grass super food for our animals. Grass keeps the soil covered, naked soil(tilled soil) gets to hot, becomes void of water and losses topsoil from wind and water erosion. Always keep the soil covered and a living plant growing is essential to us!

We Give thanks for the blessing of the suns solar power and rain from above! Animals shouldn't be on a land to long or to little. The right amount of time creates a cycle of disturbance to soil along with manure placement that helps the soil life do its job. We try to mimic buffalo herds of old to graze for a short period of time then move to the next pasture. Moving the whole herd in smaller divided pastures for short periods of time stomps the manure into the soil feeding the soil life and plants. Then we allow the grass to rest, to regenerate and grow tall to be ready for the next grazing in 30 days.

Fulfillment Policy

You as a customer can cancel your order anytime up to the cut-off time of the slot for which you have placed an order. In such a case we will refund any payments already made by you for the order.

We have a refund policy which entitles all our customers to return the product if for some reason they are not satisfied with the quality or freshness of the product. We will take the returned product back and issue a refund for the value of the returned products.