Raw Creamed Honey 1 lb jar

Raw Creamed Honey 1 lb jar

1 lb jar

Raw honey naturally crystallizes over time. Creamed honey is made from raw and unpasteurized honey that has been intentionally crystallized with very tiny honey crystals under carefully controlled temperature conditions. These fine crystals give creamed honey a silky smooth taste and texture on the tongue! Creamed honey is as spreadable as butter – but there is definitely no dairy in creamed honey.

Creamed honey can be stored indefinitely at room temperature (below 75 degrees).

Once you’ve tasted this sweet treat, you can try lots of ways to use Creamed Honey:

-making a peanut butter and honey sandwich, plain or with banana slices

-spreading it on toast or crackers

-spread it on muffins, waffles or pancakes

-as a topping for ice cream, oatmeal or yogurt

-as a frosting or filling for cookies, cakes and pastries

-serve it for dipping apples on a charcuterie board

You can always add Creamed Honey to your hot tea or just it right off the spoon!