Raw Pet Milk

Raw Pet Milk

Half Gallon

Raw pet milk from 100% grassfed, A2 tested organic cows. 

  • We work with nature to rotate our cows on new pasture multiple times a day.
  • Our milk is super rich in butterfat and protein
  • High in anti-inflammatory and digestive enzymes and many vitamins, and minerals
  • Milk comes in BPA free plastic bottles.
  • Maryland State Requires us to charge 6% sales tax for Pet Milk.

For those who select Home Delivery we use a Delivery service to bring products each week. 

Drivers will leave your order in an insulated shipping box on your porch, you don't have to be home.

Each order will be packed with icepacks inside to keep things cold and safe until you get home.

We can reuse shipping boxes, ice packs and insulated liners and ask that you save them.

On delivery day leave your ice packs and insulated liner in your last insulated shipping box for the driver to pick up. We try to reuse everything as many times as possible to reduce our carbon footprint and build a sustainable farm.