Whole Chicken (Large)

Whole Chicken (Large)

Each chicken weighs between 6.5 - 9 lbs

We carefully raise these chickens on our own farm.

They are GMO-Free, Soy-Free, Chemical-Free and Truly Pastured with daily moves to fresh organic grass, clover and bugs.

When you purchase a whole chicken, you get a better deal than you would if you buy all of the parts separately. Each cut of poultry is unique and using each part means more opportunities to try out new recipes. Make sure to use the leftover parts to make bone broth. If you want to cook the chicken without parting it, you can put on a dry-rub or soak it in a brine mixture before cooking it. This product is non-GMO and farm-raised. There are no hormones, steroids, antibiotics, or other additives in our meats.

Always on pasture, always non-GMO and these are soy free as well!